Toronto Workshop Spring Shoot [3-19-2012]

With the winter weather behind us (did we even have a winter this year?), Toronto Workshop debuted its first workshop this afternoon. It was a casual shoot to start off the season and was a mix of outdoor and some indoor shooting.

Armed with my tiny and trusty Pentax Q, I set out to join the party and sneak some behind the scenes shots of this workshop. Apparently they have this cool super secret workshop idea, but they wouldn’t tell me what it is.. and I’m supposed to be the resident bts shooter.. I guess I’ll just have to have some patience until they unveil their secret!

Well, back to the workshop… The first model introduced was Cassandra. She primarily models latex/alternative clothing , so it was a great chance for the attendees to try to work with such a difficult to shoot material. We all know the visually attractiveness of latex when lit properly, so Toronto Workshop took their flock of photogs and threw them into the fray to see how they did. A few minutes of explanation and a few more minutes troubleshooting and they were off.

Studio Shot

For the studio shot, they threw up a large octobox and sidelit Cassandra with 2 small softboxes from the sides. The photogs were shown to be expeditious when setting up equipment as models can get restless standing around waiting! I pulled someone’s flash trigger off their camera and tucked it into my tiny hotshoe and fired a quick shot of Cassandra while photogs were busy chimping away.

Warehouse shot

For the warehouse shot, a single key light from the previous setup was brought into the warehouse area. I think I got a pretty nice snap myself with my lil’ trusty camera. 

All in all, it was a great start to a warm spring, and the end of the shoot, everyone left with their backpack’s filled with images.. for yet another night of coffee, editing and Lightroom (Sorry Capture One fans.. I’m a bit Adobe biased..)

Take a look at some more of my bts shots here via this cool iphoto journal here. I’m not a macuser, so I struggled with iphoto for a bit before I figured out how to journal my shots. I think it was just an excuse for me to muck around with my brand new 4G LTE Ipad!

Stay tuned for more stuff…

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